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Quid Pro Quo?

This evening, I started reading some disturbing allegations regarding an apparent quid pro quo between Russia and the victorious Trump campaign in the New York Times, Politico, etc. As of this evening, these allegations have not been verified by anyone. But if true, they would be startlingly illegal.

Trump Received Unsubstantiated Intelligence on Ties to Russia

The New York Times is hardly the only news organization covering this story. As I type this story is on the front page of CNN, Politico, and even the Albany Times Union. Not surprisingly, I cannot find this story on Fox News.

OF course, the FBI cannot comment on an investigation in public, or even confirm or deny the existence of an investigation. Unless, of course, the investigation happens to involve Hillary Clinton and an election is only a few days away. In that case, the FBI can definitely publicly comment on an investigation.

I’m just one guy, sitting at a keyboard. And I do not think anyone actually reads what I write here. But if these allegations are proven, Trump has to go. I don’t care about the hookers. I don’t care about the kompromat. I do care that Trump may have accepted information on American political rivals from Putin, in exchange for adopting policies favorable to the Kremlin. If that is true, Trump must go.

First, we need to wait. We need to see if these allegations can be verified. If they cannot be verified, this is just more smoke. But if these allegations can be verified, Trump MUST go. He can go voluntaril, by impeachment, or we can all march on Washington and reclaim our democracy. But first, I want some proof. This is no time to go off half-cocked; I like think I’m a little more mature than the President-elect.

Sadly, if proven, the only winner in this discussion is Russia. It seems increasingly clear Russia worked hard to undermine our faith in our democratic institutions.

Mission Accomplished!

  1. If this is disproven, many Democrats/Progressives will never really get over it, and they will continue to feel that they were robbed of a legitimate victory.
  2. If this is proven, and Congress fails to impeach Trump; many of us will lose whatever vestigal faith we did have in Congress.
  3. If this is proven and Trump steps down before inauguration, we enter into a political/constitutional crisis.
  4. If this is proven and Trump is impeached, it will leave a lasting scar on our democratic processes. Trump’s die-hards will never believe these allegations. People like me won’t accept anything less than impeachment.

This could get ugly. I hope not, but it really could.

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