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Below, I have listed current analytical and web development projects, in alphabetical order. External links will open in a new tab.

1st Friday Albany Website

I wrote and maintain the 1st Friday Albany website for the Upstate Artists Guild. The UAG promotes a monthly arts night in the Capital District. To do so, we collaborate with local businesses, artists and media outlets. We are the first and oldest (and best) arts night in the Capital District. As of September 2016, we are 10 years old!

The 1st Friday website is a static Jekyll site, using a custom Zurb Foundation 6 theme. This incarnation of the 1st Friday Albany website went live early January of 2016 and has met our needs, thus far. Unlike the previous page, it is fully responsive (looks good on phones, tablets, and large-screen monitors). I will eventually replace it with something more dynamic or port it to Hexo or Pelican, to reduce the amount of Ruby I have to work with.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help me with this project, I am accepting pull requests.


My blog, Nullius in verba, is technically a web development project. The current incarnation is built using Jekyll (using the excellent Lanyon theme) and is hosted via GitHub. I really like the simplicity of the theme and would like to keep it when I eventually port everything to either Pelican or Hexo.

Blood Sugars Project

This ongoing analysis project began in 2015. I want to better understand my wife's Type 1 diabetes. Eventually, I would like to use her CGM data to predict future blood glucose levels. This project has been in hiatus for several months, but I intend to resurrect it at some point in early 2017. Karen has been using a different CGM, which doesn't work with Nightscout and the baby (Monkey!) has reduced the amount of time I have available for side projects.

You can track this project on its own page: . Eventually, I intend to produce a CGM-driven Shiny portal Karen can use when she goes to see her endocrinologist, but that is more of a long-term goal.


A workshop on Propensity Score Matching (PSM). The workshop demonstrates how PSM is an improvement over using multiple linear regression to control for differences between the intervention group and the non-scientific control group. This is a new project (started August, 2016) and with my recent reductions in free time, may take a while to get finished.

I will link to the materials here when they are ready to be seen by others.

Titanic Introduction To R (TITR)

An introduction to R workshop, used to introduce analysts to R. It is a series of presentations (reveal.js), code (R), and data (CSV), I use to teach the fundamentals of using R as an interactive analysis tool. I assume participants have little to no programming experience.

The materials are available here:

The website is built using Jekyll (using the excellent Lanyon theme) and Reveal.js. Feel free to use this material for your own training purposes. If you do, please drop me a quick email and let me know how it went. If anyone would like to volunteer to help me maintain or extend this material, I am accepting pull requests.

Upstate Artists Guild Website

I maintain, but did not write, the primary Upstate Artists Guild website. I intend to replace this website during 2017. If anyone would like to volunteer to help me with this project, please contact me.