Choens (Nullius in verba)

Now, Mr. Trump, It Begins

It was a rough night. I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but I wanted her to win. Because Donald Trump is, I fear, cancerous to Democracy. But either way, now it begins.

My father was right. We’ve heard these fools bitch for eight years about how they can do it better. Well, here’s your chance. Republicans have control of both houses of Congress and a President who will apparently sign any fool thing push across his desk.

Game On.

Meanwhile. I’m looking for a few good progressives. You know. The ones with the ability to communicate. Progressives with a spine. Donald Trump was literally the worst candidate ever, and he beat her.


No, I don’t think it was Comey or the emails, or any of that. Trump promised change. His changes are nearly all bad, but they ARE different. And he was bold about it. Unapologetic.

Clinton’s policies were not, for the most part, bad. But I have NO IDEA what she would have done with her first 100 days. I know exactly what Trump will do with his. This seems obvious. Boil the policies down to some key ideas and push them. PUSH THEM HARD. For all his lack of focus, Trump was a better communicator in this campaign than Hillary.

Because . . . . other than 1) she would have been the first woman president and 2) she is NOT a fascist . . . why would anyone vote for her? Admittedly, these ARE compelling reasons but not to an electorate hungering for change.

They needed a message of HOPE. They heard a message of FEAR. And many. Far too many. Embraced it.

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