Choens (Nullius in verba)

Folks, there's never been a situation like this in the history of our country.

Mr. Trump,

I thought I would start with a quote from you, Mr. Trump. I use this quote to highlight just how out of line you and your campaign are. You will get defeated in November. Hell, you’re going to get flattened, because you are not a winner. Not this time.

In the meantime, please don’t break our democracy. This election has been one ongoing shit-show from top to bottom. This debacle has been driven by the deplorable policy positions taken by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. Since the beginning of his campaign, I have argued that his campaign has been a traditional Republican campaign. The only difference was that it embraced, openly, the deplorable ideology that other Republicans only wink at. Let’s be clear, Donald Trump is the nominee the Republican Party deserves. Paul Ryan, John McCain, and all the others are running away from their candidate, but this is the logical end-result of the reality-distortion play that has been run time and time again by the Republican leadership.

He didn’t come out of nowhere. He was created by the Republican leadership. It took years for their crazy train to go this far afield, but there ain’t no stopping the crazy now. Do establishment Republicans WANT an openly sado-masochistic, racist nominee? Probably not. But they have long winked at the right-wing cultural crazies, and now they run the party.

Congrats. This is what the Republican Party deserves. It isn’t what we as a nation need. I don’t particularly like Hillary Clinton. I might have even been open to voting for a responsible Republican this season.


In the past few days, Trump evolved as a candidate. He metastasized from being a cancer of the Republican Party to a cancer of the electoral system. His baseless claims that he is losing the election for any reason, other than the obvious (he is a terrible person), undermine the trust our democracy rests upon.

At this point, I’m worried. Could there be violence on election day? I truly hope not. But if there is, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Donald Trump and the establishment Republicans who created him.

Don’t break our democracy. Please.

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