Choens (Nullius in verba)

Back Posting

I am, apparently, a horrible person. My daughter was born on May 12 of this year. Yet, it took me nearly two months to write anything about it here.

Clearly, I must make amends.

I am going to write some back posts, documenting the journey of my Monkey. She deserves that and so much more. To recap, she was born over two months early. She has been in NICU all this time. She was a mere four pounds, nine ounces when she was born.

She is perfect.

Question: Why is her nickname Monkey?

Answer: Because she makes monkey sounds! On the day she was born, and every day since, she has made these little squeaks. Sometimes they sound like a premature laugh. They are adorable. And for some reason, they made me thing of a monkey.

And there you have it. The origin of the Monkey.

Cold Brew FAIL

This was such a cool idea. Too bad it didn’t quite work. Tasted nice, but it was soooo weak. Must adjust and try again.

Water with coffee floating in it.


Leila, asleep, again.

Leila, asleep, again and again again..

Changing The Monkey

Thanks. From the bottom of our hearts, we really enjoyed that. Really.

Changing the monkey.

Fortunately, I’ll get to embarass her with all these photos later. I win the end. Always.

Monkey Clothes

Onesies don’t cost much. And they don’t really need that many outfits. Yet, socially, we inundate new parents with clothing. And while it is great, I kinda wish people would wait until they started school. Inundating me with clothese when she starts highschool would be just as appreciated.

Lots of monkey clothes.

I’m just saying.

A Day At Roundtop

Went down to Roundtop and had some fun riding the Fat Bike. It was a good day, over-all. Rode some fast & flowy and a few trails that I don’t think were ever meant to be ridden.

For example, I climbed to the top. Not sure this trail is meant for bikes. It was kinda silly, but that’s how I roll too, so it was fine.

A view from the top.

Elevation Marker

Dreaming Of Home

Hard to think about, but she is now over a month old and she has never been anywhere but the NICU at Albany Med. She is getting bigger and bigger, but we are still fighting the feeds. I hope once we get the GI issues resolved she can come home.

We start out our collection of Monkey pics today with a picture of the sleeping Leila.

Peacefully sleeping Leila.

In the meantime, I can take lots of silly monkey pictures. This next one is a little blurry, but I like it. It speaks to me, even if she doesn’t.

A blurry picture of Leila.

Another closeup. I seem to like close-ups.

A closeup photo of Leila sleeping peacefully.

A little farther out.

Same basic photo, not as close.